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Books for the Entrepreneur

Looking for a book to encourage you in creating your story? These were (and still are!) thought-changing books for me.


These are mix-and-match items for the entrepreneur.

  • Full Focus Planner - Need a good goal-setting planner? Need a system for your daily tasks? I have been using this since the beginning of 2018.


As an entrepreneur, your personal and business lives will overlap.  These software programs help me navigate my lifestyle entrepreneurship.

  • You Need a Budget (or YNAB) - I believe it is imperative that every entrepreneur have a personal budget in place. If you don't have one, meet YNAB! (I think you'll actually like its four rules!)

  • ExpressVPN - Connect to WiFi at coffee shops? The hotel? At the airport? You need to protect your data. That's where ExpressVPN helps.

Please note, each of these software companies offer a referral program. So if you signup with links provided above, I will receive one month free toward my subscription.