Checkup Consulting


Maybe you’ve been in business a few years … or many years, but you’re not completely satisfied with your bookkeeping, accounting, or tax preparation procedures. Or maybe you’re ready to hire your first employee and don’t know what steps to take. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what changes need to be made, but you know there’s room for improvement.

As a small-business owner, you know how important it is to have accurate records, clear procedures, and sufficient data. You could be feeling stuck. You need to know if you’re on the right track.

What is your next step? This checkup consulting package may include the following, based upon your needs:

Accounting Software Checkup. The transactions in your accounting software need to reflect your business activities. With the Accounting Software Checkup, I will look at your software and the financial reports it provides to offer you recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Tax Preparing Checkup. Every year when it’s time to file your taxes, you panic—or you groan. With the Tax Preparing Checkup, I will go over your financial data to see if you’re collecting, categorizing, and preparing to take applicable tax deductions. I will offer recommendations and suggestions for preparing properly.

Business Processes Checkup. You feel disorganized. You can never find your receipts. You don’t have good customer invoicing procedures. You don’t know what software to use. You can’t figure out why your sales tax is always wrong. The Form 1099-MISC that you receive at year end is higher than your accounting software income. You need help.

Holistic Checkup. It’s my belief that one part of a business directly affects the rest of the business (or your personal life). Marketing endeavors influence cash flow. Hiring needs affect the budget (and your time). Reduced sales impact your personal financial needs. I like to sit down with my clients and take a holistic approach. Let’s talk about your business, where you feel stuck, where you need to improve, where you need to change, or what your next step needs to be. Your accounting data is just one part of this holistic checkup.

Contact me, and let’s get started!