Business Startup Consulting


The New Entrepreneur

Maybe you have recently started a business, but you have no structure in place. Or maybe you have had ideas swirling around in your head for the last five years, and now you’re ready to start acting on those ideas and turning them into a business.

As a new entrepreneur, you need information to help you understand your reporting and tax requirements. The initial stages of a business start-up can feel overwhelming, especially depending on the product or service you plan to market. You could simply go to or your state’s department of revenue website ( to find what you need, but that can be overwhelming, too! Where do you start?

I want to be a resource to you, the budding entrepreneur, and help you sort through the many new business considerations you are facing:   

  • Should you become an LLC or incorporate?

  • Do you need an EIN?

  • Are you required to collect sales tax?

  • Will you hire employees?

  • What’s the difference between an employee and a contractor?

  • How much will you pay in self-employment taxes?

  • What tax filing requirements will you have?

  • What expenses should you track?

  • Should you start tax planning now?

  • What items should you consider in a start-up or first-year budget?

  • How should you capture your income and expense transactions?

Dollar signs probably come to mind when you think of sitting down with a CPA, and your cash flow may be limited. I have a fixed-price consulting service package specifically designed for the new entrepreneur. First, you will know the cost up front. Second, you will have answers to the common questions of a start-up.

Ready to learn more? Please contact me so we can meet. Or go ahead and complete an electronic submission form that will immediately help me gain an initial understanding of you and your business start-up. I will follow up with an email (or phone call, if needed), at which time I will provide you information about my start-up business meeting service package. Then, after all the administrative stuff is taken care of, we will meet virtually (if you live at a distance) or face-to-face (if you live nearby).

I look forward to being a part of your new adventure!