Business Startup Consulting

The New Entrepreneur

Maybe you have recently started a business, but you have no structure in place. Or maybe you have had ideas swirling around in your head for the last five years, and now you’re ready to start acting on those ideas and turning them into a business.

As a new entrepreneur, you need information to help you understand your reporting and tax requirements. The initial stages of a business start-up can feel overwhelming, especially depending on the product or service you plan to market. You could simply go to or your state’s department of revenue website ( to find what you need, but that can be overwhelming, too! Where do you start?

Checkup Consulting

Maybe you’ve been in business a few years … or many years, but you’re not completely satisfied with your bookkeeping, accounting, or tax preparation procedures. Or maybe you’re ready to hire your first employee and don’t know what steps to take. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what changes need to be made, but you know there’s room for improvement.

Publication Subscription

You want to keep learning. After all, that’s what entrepreneurs love to do! I want to help you in your learning process by giving information that is directly applicable to you and your small business. I created The Accourage to:

  1. Meet you at the intersection where your business knowledge ends and your needs begin,

  2. Help you discover what you didn’t know you needed to know, and

  3. Remind you of what you may have forgotten.

The Accourage is a quarterly paper publication for the small-business entrepreneur.

Visit The Accourage website to learn more and subscribe!