How do I Price?

I provide fixed-rate, value-priced quotes.

Here’s how it works.

  • I need to get to know you and your business’s needs.

  • You will provide me various documentation to help me understand the type and level of services you need. Documentation often includes a copy of your most recently filed tax return(s), accountant access to your cloud accounting software, or other financial statements printouts.

  • I will provide you a price quote before services begin.

  • If you agree with the price quote, I will ask you to sign a Service Proposal, Fixed Price Agreement (FPA), and/or an Engagement Letter.

  • Services will then begin. Consulting services are generally a one-time meeting.

How do you (my customer) benefit from value pricing?

  1. You know upfront what you will pay.

  2. You will not receive “surprise” bills.

  3. You can properly budget for consulting services.

  4. You will find I aim to provide a price that creates value to you. Therefore, prices may or may not be the same price that other clients pay. Your price will reflect your business: size, complexity, type, organization (or lack thereof), etc. No two business are alike.

My website shows consulting service packages that are routinely needed by my clients. Of course, there are many additional consulting needs and issues that arise in the course of a business's or an individual's life. If your need is not one of my listed service packages, I will seek to provide you a value-priced quote. Let’s discuss. But there are instances where service packages just don’t work, and I will then price at an hourly rate. Although this doesn’t happen too frequently.