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Saving Receipts with Expensify and QBO

Screen shot of Expensify App

Screen shot of Expensify App

I recently began using the Expensify app because I like the capability to sync expenses and mileage with QBO. I also want to have an electronic copy of each expense.

I realized two things.

  1. When my Expensify report is exported to QBO, a JPG file of the individual receipt is automatically added to each expense transaction in QBO. As long I keep my QBO file, I’ll have access to attachments. But if I decide to change accounting software and export my QBO data, the attachments linked to my transactions will not be exported, per QBO’s export limitations
  2. Expensify allows me to save each report exported to QBO as a PDF, including all scanned receipts and mileage reports. Expensify provides helpful instructions here. I tested the PDF feature. Each PDF provides a summary of expenses, a summary of receipts, and copies of actual receipts. I then saved the PDF to my personal cloud storage.

I like to think long term, and I want to make sure I have control of receipts. This means that I will need to save each Expensify report as a PDF and upload to cloud storage.  Once I know electronic copies are safely stored and backed up, I will destroy hard copies of receipts.

Your situation may be different. But when determining how to save electronic receipts, think long term.