Event Review

A Candy Shop of Entrepreneurs


I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I was surrounded by women who are walking proof of entrepreneurial start-up and success stories.

Today I attended the WCTC Small Business Center’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Speaker Series. The topic was “Making Marketing Work Across the Generations” with speaker Ann Matuszak, co-founder of Pixologie, Inc.

After listening to the presenter, here are my take-away thoughts.

  • We naturally tend to market to the same generation that we are a part of. Yes, focus on our target market—but expand to other generations in the target market!
  • If you need an attorney for your small business, find an attorney who niches with (and understands) small businesses.
  • Traditionalists and Generation X share some characteristics. (I’m in Generation X, so this was fascinating to me.)
  • Make sure you believe in yourself and your product or service when marketing to millennials as they want to know (and see) you are the expert.
  • Know other’s needs and communicate how you meet that need.
  • Just because Traditionalists are in later stages of life, don’t forget they are functioning members of our society! Treat them that way.

In addition, I learned about WCTC’s Small Business Certificate. If you’re a start-up business owner, you may want to check into the courses offered. After completion, you are also eligible for a Micro Seed Fund, which is an unsecured loan up to $5,000 (with very favorable terms). To learn more about this program, check out the Small Business Center’s webage.

Accounting/Tax Tip: I’m deducting (1) the cost of attendance as a Professional Development expense (or marketing expense because of network opportunities) and (2) my round-trip business mileage to the event.


FYI… As an explanation since this is my first blog post, I‘ll be including an accounting/tax tip at the end of each blog posts. My hope is that the tip will either remind you of something, or give you an idea for applying to your business.