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Keep Moving. Make It Happen.

Patti Beres is entrepreneur and owner of Be Green Pro, LLC, a business providing earth- and pet-friendly lawncare solutions. If you need to be reminded of why you started your own business, read Part 1 of my interview with Patti.

Being a business owner for seven years, Patti provided a unique perspective. I believe you will enjoy her responses to the general business and accounting questions I asked her. Patti’s responses are paraphrased and italicized below.


What was the hardest obstacle to overcome as you started your business? There were two obstacles: (1) finding our niche and (2) helping people understand what they were receiving: something with quality and of value, despite paying more.

Women Making an Impact (WMAI) network group that meets in Delafield, WI was a big catalyst for me in the initial stages of my business because the women in the group were receptive to what I was representing and, as a result, they helped build my confidence as we began overcoming our obstacles.

What is the hardest thing about owning your business? At the end of the day, the hardest thing is the people who entrust us with their business. In a world where customer service has become dead, providing quality customer service weighs heavily on me. Your customer is all you have. We won’t always be perfect, but I want people to know that we care for our customer.

What accounting or tax issue caught you by surprise? Finding the right accountant to match the needs of our business. We really struggled with a budget. Maybe things looked good on paper, but in reality things were different.

What is your least favorite thing about accounting or taxes? Not knowing all the rules and regulations, or what changes affected us. We also didn’t know what deductions we were eligible to take, or that I should have made paying myself a priority.

What accounting software do you use? In June 2016, we switched to QuickBooks Online (QBO). This was recommended by our accountant at the time to aid in working remotely.

What are your most useful phone apps?

  • QBO App: I can record expenses and take pictures of receipts when I’m on-the-go.
  • AUTOsist – Car Maintenance Log: This app costs us $100 a year, but it used by our whole fleet. Drivers record gas purchases, vehicle maintenance, and mileage.
  • Waze: Provides navigation to our truck drivers.
  • Google Calendar and FaceBook App

What is one piece of advice you have for someone just starting a business?  If you love what you do and are passionate about what you do, keep moving. Make it happen.

In addition, Patti shared something that is very important to her as a woman business owner. Patti said: Even though I am responsible for a business, my most important job is to raise my children into responsible human beings. God, family, and work is the order in which I operate. While I’m not perfect and sometimes have allowed work to get in the way, I actively strive to put my family first. Doing so does not mean I—as a woman—am less important, or less smart, or less capable. I believe other mothers who are business owners need to remember this as well.

Why did you start your business?

Entrepreneur and owner of Be Green Pro LLC, Patti Beres gave a piece of advice for the new business owner. She said, “Persevere. Keep putting your feet down: One foot in front of the other."


At what stage do you (my blog reader) find your business? Have you reached a pivotal point? Has the fun disappeared? Remembering your beginnings is important. To remember the whys. To remember the original passion. Yes, maybe you need to make changes, to re-focus, and to take new risks. But remembering from “whence you came” could be your detrimental next step.

Last year became a pivotal point for Patti and her business; she took many new risks. When I recently met with Patti to learn of her business, we started at the beginning. In February 2011, Patti, her children, and their dog were taking a winter walk in the neighborhood. As they walked by a neighbor’s property, they saw a lawncare company applying fertilizer to a yard—on top of the snow. Patti immediately noted to her children, “That’s just not right. If we had a lawn care company, we would do it so much better.”  Patti’s oldest child said, “Mom, well, why can’t we?”

Patti believes in taking action, and she realized that for her children’s sake, she needed to set an example. Spouting off at the mouth does nothing. Rather, if there’s a problem, she needs to be part of the solution. Of course, having knowledge to create a solution is needed, and between Patti and her husband Rob, the two have years of experience with lawncare solutions. As a result, Be Green Pro, LLC was created.

That winter, Patti and her family went through their email contacts and sent out 120 emails to friends, family, and acquaintances. By the end of the week, they had approximately 25 customers. By the end of the first summer, they had 45 customers. Their customer base continued to double each year.

Then more recently the new customer increase started to taper. Hence, this is the reason 2017 became a pivotal year. New foundations were laid. New (and amazing!) employees were hired. New marketing plans have started to take shape. Renewed excitement is present. Fun is being searched for again.

What makes Be Green unique? It offers people a choice—an option for doing things a better way. It provides lawn care solutions that are safer for people, pets, and the planet. It provides education to home owners to help them understand the importance of using holistic practices and organic-based products. Will you pay a bit more? Yes. But will you receive something worthwhile and of more value? Yes.

If you find you and your business at a pivotal point, take heart. Remember your beginnings, and as Patti encourages, put “one foot in front of the other.”

To learn more about Patti and Be Green Pro, visit their website.

Read about Patti’s perspective on general business and accounting issues in Part 2.

Use Your Skills


A memory from the past will sometimes spring up where you least expect it. I remember when I was in elementary school I would tag along with the relatives to Brookfield (for a dreaded shopping trip) and then to this amazing custard place in Hartland on the way back home. That custard was the main reason I went along.

To see if details surrounding the custard place were correct, I searched WDFI corporate records to know if the custard place was real. My memory was correct! The custard place was Nowak’s Custard, opening in 1985. If you’re a local, do you remember it? Anyway, located behind Nowak’s Custard another business opened… that I distinctly recall… because of various pastel “things” hanging in the windows. I don’t recall what the “things” were, but I remember the business had something to do with dancing.

Who would have thought that almost 30 years later I would meet the owner of the business who had those “things” in the window!  The owner’s name is Nina Gaydos-Fedak. She is the founder and director of To the Pointe Performing Arts, now known as TTP Academy.

Back in 1988 while working at GE, Nina had been looking for a second-shift job opportunity because her husband could then be with the children at night. The perfect job didn’t come about, so Nina analyzed her skill set. What was she good at? What could she offer? It was these questions that led to the opening of her dance studio.

When you look back, what were the hardest obstacles to overcome? The first 12 years were great! I was the first stand-alone dance studio in the area up until the early 2000s. Then competition studios started popping up (rather than academy studios). Kids started signing up for competition studios because they were “more exciting.” We (the other instructors and myself) chose not to focus on competition, except in certain settings. Rather, we stayed true to teaching dance as an art form. This hurt us for a while. But we are proud of what we do. We enjoy educating individuals and families.

What do you like least about owning your business?  The money thing. I had a passion, but I struggled with money. I volunteered my time and didn’t get paid. Money is needed to pay bills… which I eventually realized.

What do you like best about owning your business? I don’t have to listen to anybody. I’m able to do what I love. I have flexibility. I like seeing kids develop and helping instill discipline in their lives. Also, my memory patients are so cool! I love helping others build a knowledge base.

What accounting or tax issue caught you by surprise when you first started? I should have known how to budget and should have had help with finances.  I was focused on the creative part and should have had someone else monitoring and advising financials.

What is your least favorite thing about accounting or taxes? Numbers. Accounting is not intuitive. The whole debit and credit thing boggles my mind. That’s why I give everything to my accountant.

What accounting software do you use? I currently am using spreadsheet software. It works for me.

What is your most useful phone app? I love that my to-do list, calendar, and email sync between my iPhone, iPad, and iMac. I also like:

  • Google Drive for all my financials,
  • Social Media apps,
  • iTunes (with a Bluetooth speaker) to use during dance classes, and
  • Camera for choreography videos to be sent to kids to view on YouTube.

What is one piece of advice you have for someone just starting a business? Location is important; think long-term. Seek out professional help in your planning process. Professionals should include a banker, attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and someone in your industry. In addition, make sure you love what you do. If able, hire a manger to help and support you. Don’t go rogue; you need to have a sounding board to bounce off ideas.

Nina’s dance approach is not “tricks and glitz.” Rather, she desires to teach dance as an art, where technique is important. If you are interested in learning about Nina, her faculty team, their courses (for ages 2 to 100+), and TTP Academy & Mindful Movement Center, please visit her website and Facebook page.

It has been a privilege getting to know Nina at my Women Making an Impact (WMAI) networking group. If you ever meet Nina, I believe you will find she always has a spark of surprise and sunshine!