Why did you start your business?

Entrepreneur and owner of Be Green Pro LLC, Patti Beres gave a piece of advice for the new business owner. She said, “Persevere. Keep putting your feet down: One foot in front of the other."


At what stage do you (my blog reader) find your business? Have you reached a pivotal point? Has the fun disappeared? Remembering your beginnings is important. To remember the whys. To remember the original passion. Yes, maybe you need to make changes, to re-focus, and to take new risks. But remembering from “whence you came” could be your detrimental next step.

Last year became a pivotal point for Patti and her business; she took many new risks. When I recently met with Patti to learn of her business, we started at the beginning. In February 2011, Patti, her children, and their dog were taking a winter walk in the neighborhood. As they walked by a neighbor’s property, they saw a lawncare company applying fertilizer to a yard—on top of the snow. Patti immediately noted to her children, “That’s just not right. If we had a lawn care company, we would do it so much better.”  Patti’s oldest child said, “Mom, well, why can’t we?”

Patti believes in taking action, and she realized that for her children’s sake, she needed to set an example. Spouting off at the mouth does nothing. Rather, if there’s a problem, she needs to be part of the solution. Of course, having knowledge to create a solution is needed, and between Patti and her husband Rob, the two have years of experience with lawncare solutions. As a result, Be Green Pro, LLC was created.

That winter, Patti and her family went through their email contacts and sent out 120 emails to friends, family, and acquaintances. By the end of the week, they had approximately 25 customers. By the end of the first summer, they had 45 customers. Their customer base continued to double each year.

Then more recently the new customer increase started to taper. Hence, this is the reason 2017 became a pivotal year. New foundations were laid. New (and amazing!) employees were hired. New marketing plans have started to take shape. Renewed excitement is present. Fun is being searched for again.

What makes Be Green unique? It offers people a choice—an option for doing things a better way. It provides lawn care solutions that are safer for people, pets, and the planet. It provides education to home owners to help them understand the importance of using holistic practices and organic-based products. Will you pay a bit more? Yes. But will you receive something worthwhile and of more value? Yes.

If you find you and your business at a pivotal point, take heart. Remember your beginnings, and as Patti encourages, put “one foot in front of the other.”

To learn more about Patti and Be Green Pro, visit their website.

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